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7in1 Modular Combo

7in1 Modular Combo


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Setup Area: 25x24

Actual Size: Dimensions: 22’L x 19’W x 13’2″H

Outlets: 1

Age Group: 2 to Adults


Combo 7 is packing a punch offering several challenging areas. Climb in and warm up with some jumping, in this very generous bouncing area. Sharpen coordination shooting hoops with basketball net inside unit. Outmaneuver several vertical and horizontal popup obstacles. Scale the top of the unit, using the climber and then make the vertical plunge down the slide. If you don’t want to go back on but want to shoot more hoops, you can do so with the outer basketball net. Choose from many of the art panels we have to offer. Kids love this unit because it gives them many options. Also a great way to keep them active & fit. GOOD FOR AGES 2 TO ADULTS

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